Batch DOCX TO DOC Converter

Batch DOCX TO DOC Converter 2019.0

Convert old Word 2003 documents to the new Word 2007 standard and vice versa

Batch DOCX and DOC Converter is a document conversion tool for files created with Microsoft Word. The application specifically converts Docx to Doc and vice versa in a quick and efficient manner. It is a simple solution to convert documents from Word 2003 to the more recent versions of the popular word processor.

Though its interface looks rather basic, Batch DOCX and DOC Converter works very well and is quite simple to use; it includes a help file in case you need some guidance. The conversion process comes down to two steps: specifying the source documents or folders you want to convert and setting the output directory. Optionally, you can simply drag and drop documents to the conversion list. A handy feature of the app is its search function, which helps you locate files for conversion in any folder or onto the drive you choose.

Probably the most outstanding function of this converter is its ability to process documents in batches, which means it gives you the possibility of converting multiple files and even folders with numerous documents with a single click. Additionally, it lets you save conversion projects to a file for future use.

In short, Batch DOCX and DOC Converter does a fine job of converting multiple Word documents. My only complaint is that its interface is too plain and probably not very intuitive for novice users.

Mariel Rearte
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